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Diaspar for Besmalla escort wrote:
So I apologize for being harsh, but bottom line.... see the review
Rosewell for Robia escort wrote:
- You purposefully took multiple actions to ruin your relationship see the review
Camino for Laurentia escort wrote:
- A part of me actually thinks you are ok with having ruined it, and may not even regret this outcome deep inside see the review
Infirme for Emilian escort wrote:
- He should really leave you, for both your sakes see the review
Barmy for Zatije escort wrote:
- You need focused counselling to understand why you would actively ruin a healthy relationship, and also explore whether you even love at all. see the review
Sesquipedalian for Deryn Lee escort wrote:
I hope things work out for you. I really do. You just have a bit of a road in front of you on figuring things out I think. It will come. see the review
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